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ยป Upcoming Events:
 November 7: Congregational Church Clean-up
November 20 - 22: Boston Freedom Trail
December: Shooting Camporee
December 13: Bake Sale 10am - 2pm
January 29 - 30: Klondike
February 20: Bake Sale and Pasta Dinner Ticket Sales 10am - 2pm
February: Deep freeze / cold weather cooking
March 4 - 6: Cabin trip
March 18: Pasta dinner
March TBD: Shakedown hike
April: April on the AT!!
May: TBD
June 26 - 27: Block Island
July: TBD
July 31 - August 7: Yawgoog!!!

More Upcoming Events



Guess What? We were 1 of 4 troops to recieve this award from 2009-2010. Just Click the link, and scroll to the chart to see.

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The New Fairfield Lions Club

Forms and Documents

Official Forms
  Annual Health and Medical Record 2014
  Boy Scout Application
  Eagle Scout Application (2014)
  Eagle Scout Application Worksheets
  Leadership Service Project Policy and Form
  Trial to Eagle Powerpoint
  Uniform Inspection Form
Official Forms For Adult Leaders
  Adult Leader Application
  Local Tour Permit
  Merit Badge Counselor Application
Summer Camp Documents
  Items List
  Summer Camp Information
Troop Documents
  Troop 137 Camping Plan Form for Adults and Troop
  Troop 137 New Scout Handbook
  Troop 137 Trip permission Form - PDF Format
  Troop 137 Trip Permission Form - DOC Format
  Troop Phone List permission form (Scout)
  Troop Phone List permission form (Adult)
  Publicity & Web Site permission form
  Troop Resource Survey

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